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Current Therapeutic Series Offerings

Did you know that Therapeutic Yoga is not just for individuals with injuries or pain?  Therapeutic Yoga is for anyone who likes to learn more about yoga poses - their purpose, correct alignment, modifications, and precautions.  You will also begin to incorporate breath, intention, and meditation into your practice.  We allow time for questions and encourage frequent check-ins on what you are personally experiencing.  Each class focuses on a specific part of the body or a common area of concern.  Classes are offered as a series of 4 for $100.  If you are unable to attend, you will be credited for use in another therapeutic series purchased within 3 months.  All classes are 90 minutes and the class size is limited to 6 students so that each student receives personalized attention.

Moving Through Low Back Pain
 at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers - North Cary
April 11, 18, 25 and May 2
Tuesdays 6:45PM - 8:30PM
Back Pain 30.jpg

Discover more about your personal strengths and weaknesses and where you may be compensating. Take home techniques to call upon throughout any workout or simply your daily routine. 

Moving Through Low Back Pain is a Therapeutic Yoga Series for individuals with existing back pain, those who wish to prevent future back pain and those who wish to learn a little bit more about alignment-based yoga and safe practice of exercises of all types. This series includes 4-parts  and each class approximately 100 minutes.  


Each student will be assessed individually and given hands-on adjustments and assistance by an experienced physical and yoga therapist.


April 11th: Supple and Safe Spinal Movement
April 18th: Activating the "Core" 
April 25th: What's in the Way?: Releasing and toning Hamstrings, Adductors, Psoas & Gluts
May 2nd: Putting it all together: Building your Home Practice

Maximum of 6 students. No experience is necessary.  

Registration is required.  Classes will be provided at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers in North Cary near Morrisville.

Relieving Stress in the Neck, Upper Back & Shoulders 
 at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers - North Cary
May 16, 23, 30 and June 6
Tuesdays 6:45PM - 8:30PM

If you experience pain or stress in your neck, shoulders, or upper back - this class is for you!


 Learn how to release tension in the neck and shoulders, eliminate impingement and improve upper back mobility in this 4-week series.


We will work with you on specific exercises to strengthen and align your shoulders and release tight neck and upper back muscles. Students will be individually assessed and offered specific advice for relieving stress in these areas both on the mat and throughout their daily activities.


We will also explore breath techniques to release the accessory muscles of the neck, throat and chest and allow for improved energy and focus.


Maximum of 6 students - no experience necessary. Private evaluation prior to beginning in semi-private class is recommended for full benefit.

May 16th: Safe & Pain-free Movement of the Neck
May 23rd: Creating Movement from the Upper Back / Thoracic Spine
May 30th: Stabilizing and opening the shoulders
June 6th: Wrap Up and Review for the Upper Body

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