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Did you know that Therapeutic Yoga is not just for individuals with injuries or pain?  Therapeutic Yoga is for anyone who likes to learn more about the yoga poses - their purpose, correct alignment, modifications and precautions.  We allow time for questions and encourage frequent check-ins on what you are personally experiencing.  Each class focuses on a specific part of the body or a common area of concern.  Classes are offered as a series or one-at-a-time, $15 / class.  All classes are 75-90 minutes and class size is limited to 6 students so that each student receives personalized attention.

Yoga at Home

New Therapeutic Series beginning

Saturday, August 1st

10:00 - 11:30AM

Some days we can barely muster the energy and motivation to show up, others we are looking forward to the challenge.  Some days we need clear focus and others, we just need to let go.  Please join us in August for this brand new therapeutic series on creating a yoga practice at home that meets your daily needs and is designed specifically for you.  This series includes 4 sessions.   In each session we will:

  • discuss some of the challenges to practicing yoga at home 

  • learn and experience 1 of 4 unique and complete practices each 20-30 minutes in length (including meditation & breath exercises)

  • discuss and practice modifications for your specific needs. 


Each student will receive a video of the lesson and of the practice for home use so if you cannot make a class in the series, it is still accessible to you.

Saturday, Aug. 1st 10:00AM  

  • "Awaken / Activate" - a slow flow practice for increased mobility, motivation and overall vitality including Kapalabhati

  • Talk:  10 Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home

Saturday, Aug. 8th 10:00AM

  • "Invigorate / Uplift" - Gentle Sun Salutations and backbends to lift the spirits and mobilize our energies

  • Talk:  What am I doing wrong?  Why isn't this working for me?

Saturday, Aug. 22nd 10:00AM​

  • "Enlighten / Center" - a well-balanced practice with slow metered breath, twists and balancing postures followed by Alternate Nostril Breath and a longer meditation.

  • Talk: What is my yoga personality and what does that mean for my home practice?

Saturday, Aug. 29th 10:00AM

  • "Release / Restore" - a restorative meditative practice with ample opportunity to let go and nurture including a meditation on the sound of "OM" 

  • Talk:  Eliminating "Shoulds" from your life

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