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Did you know that Therapeutic Yoga is not just for individuals with injuries or pain?  Therapeutic Yoga is for anyone who likes to learn more about the yoga poses - their purpose, correct alignment, modifications and precautions.  We allow time for questions and encourage frequent check-ins on what you are personally experiencing.  Each class focuses on a specific part of the body or a common area of concern.  Classes are offered as a series or one-at-a-time, $15 / class.  All classes are 75-90 minutes and class size is limited to 6 students so that each student receives personalized attention.

8 Limbs of Yoga:  Off the Mat and Into Your Life

New Therapeutic Series beginning

Saturday, January 9th

10:00 - 11:30AM

Yoga Therapy classes here at DYPT seek to help you find YOUR way to put “therapy” into your yoga and “yoga” into your life.  There comes a point in one’s practice of yoga that he/she must ask, “is there more to Yoga than my actions on the mat?” and “how can I assure that I am getting the most out of the time I dedicate to my practice?”.  In past Therapeutic classes, we have we have answered these questions with refinement of the physical postures and of the breath as well as working towards connecting body, mind and heart in our meditations.  However, these efforts represent only 3 of the 8 practices of Yoga.  In our new 6-week series, you will learn about Patanjali’s 8-limbs of yoga and how the other 5 limbs fit into YOUR life and your yoga practice.   Each class will include a talk, some personal reflection and a mix of breath, asana and meditation to help you explore each topic on a practical and personal level.


The crossing over into a New Year brings with it lots of reflection for us all.  Now is a perfect time to put this introspection into positive action.  The word “Yoga” means to “yolk” or “bring together”.  Through the work of this class, we will weave your cultural and moral guideposts, your personal beliefs, your spiritual path and your current goals into your yoga practice.  After all, the purpose of your practice is not just to be strong, flexible, mindful and calm on the mat, but to carry these characteristics into your life and your relationships in and with the world.  



January 9th:  Introduction to 8 Limbs and Discussion on Yamas and Niyamas.  includes Lecture, Reflective work, Asana

January 16th:  Asana in Action.  

Weave personal intention into your posture

January 30th:  Breath into Energy 

includes lecture, breath practice and asana

February 7th:  The 5 Senses and Withdrawal 

includes Yin / Restorative Yoga / Yoga Nidra

February 21st:  Mindfulness and Meditation

includes talk on various forms of meditation and mindfulness, mindful movement and meditation practice

February 28th:  Stillness, Non-Dualism and Bliss

Discussion, review and practice



***Take one or all classes:  $15/ session; recorded classes available upon request.

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