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Melissa Valentine Yoga Therapist, Teacher & Physical Therapist
Discover Yoga & Physical Therapy originally opened in 2009 in Redmond, WA under the name Discover Yoga Therapy.  In 2011, Melissa re-opened in Hong Kong where she and her family lived and worked for a little over 3 years.  In 2016, Melissa is excited to once again start anew as Discover Yoga & Physical Therapy.  Melissa now offers group classes, small therapeutic classes as well as private yoga instruction and physical therapy evaluations and treatment in her private studio in Highcroft (Cary, NC).

In her sessions, Melissa integrates the ancient practices and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine with the science of Physical Therapy to create a new method of understanding and addressing an individual’s wellness needs.  She goes beyond diagnosis to help uncover the origins of a client’s imbalance, whether they are physical, social, emotional or spiritual.  Melissa then guides her clients through carefully-selected yoga poses, breathing exercises and mental concentration practices, empowering the individual to experience greater wellness.  The result is a complete practice for the body, energy and mind for the moment and for the future.


In addition to private patients and group classes, Melissa provides workshops for those new to yoga, as well as coaching and continued education for experienced yogis and fitness/ wellness professionals. Topics include healing and preventing common physical injuries, anatomy and physiology of yoga and psychology of fitness / wellness, as well as the Anatomy & Physiology component of RYT-200 teacher training program.


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