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Sukasana – “Easy Pose”

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”      Hermann Hesse

This week’s pose is Sukasana or “Easy Pose”.  Don’t the name fool you, there are some tricks to getting this one right.  This pose is the beginning and the end of your practice.  Many students struggle to present themselves in this pose as the eager student sitting upright with their spine straight and their shoulders back.  The problem with sitting in this manner is that there is too much muscle effort.

The most important thing to accomplish in Easy Pose is the “Easy” part; However,  finding “Easy” can be awfully hard.  Here is what you are looking for:

  1. Knees slightly lower than hips

  2. ‘SITS’ bones  (the bones at the base of your buttocks that you literally “sit” on)  level

  3. Hips level

  4. Spine in neutral (not “straight”) with a natural curve forward in the lower spine and a natural rounding backward in the upper spine creating a balanced “S”.


  1. Place a pillow, block or blanket just behind your ‘SITS’ bones so that your pelvis is tipping off the prop.

  2. Do not stack the legs on top of one another let them both rest to the floor

  3. If you always sit with one leg crossed in front or on top of the other – try switching legs and notice how this will level the hips and ‘SITS’.

  4. Engage your core muscles but allow your shoulders and rib cage to be free to accept your inhalation and allow your arms to move freely.

If any one of these modifications allow you to sit easier, with less effort yet feel more grounded– you’ve got it!  Stay awhile.  Practice when sitting in a normal chair as well: feet flat, hips level, find a way to feel rooted but free.


  1. Hip Surgery – anterior / lateral approach

  2. Hip Flexion contractures

Optional Poses for the same intention:

  1. Vajrasana on bolster:  Thunderbolt Pose

  2. Virasana with block:  Hero Pose

  3. Sitting on edge of a Chair

  4. Badakonasana:  Bound Angle Pose

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